Coconut and Mango Popsicle



400ml organic coconut milk
200ml skyr/greek yoghurt
1 tsp pure vanilla powder
3-4 tbsp agave syrup or honey
1ripe mango, cut as much out of the mango

150g dark chocolate 80%
1 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 cup shredded dry coconut


Coconut and Mango Popsicle




Place the mango into a blender, blend the mango so it becomes liquid. Pour the coconut milk, skyr/greek yoghurt, vanilla powder and syrup into the blender and blend until it all get well mixed.
Taste it before you start poring into the popsicle molds.

Let them freeze at least 4-5 hours

When the popsicle can come out of the molds

Melt the coconut oil and chocolate on medium heat and keep stirring, when melted place 1/2 of the popsicle in the chocolate and drizzle with the shredded coconut on the melted warm chocolate but do it fast the cold popsicle makes the chocolate hardened quickly. Place the popsicle back in the freezer on a try covered.

Makes 12 popsicle




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  1. Inga says:

    How lovely, will make some for sure.


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