Alkaline Water

The first thing I start all my mornings with is “Alkaline Water”.

What is it:
1/4 tsp colored salt (in my case I use Himalaya salt)
1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
200 ml water

I drink this as the first thing, and you need to do it on an empty stomach.

The minerals in the salt are nourishing your adrenals, the adrenals are responsible for your energy level (energy production) and your want your energy level as high as possible in the morning. The salt also has a positive effect on your intestinal health as the salt has destroy “bad” microbes in your gut.The lime juice helps with your PH level, even though the lime has an acid taste, it has an alkaline effect metabolically. Every morning your PH level has to get “rebooted” again so you get the best energy production in your cells to start the da with. You produce acid while sleeping from what your eat and drink.

Alkaline Water
Alkaline Water

This I have been taught by Coach Wolfgang Unsöld from Your Personal Strength Institute in Stuttgart, Germany  All his clients are doing this too, and also as the first thing in the morning.


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