Who am I?

My name is Dorte Martensson I’m born in Denmark and I live in Belgium. I’m 45 years old and I am married to Henrik and we have two daughters, Emma, 19 and Alberte, 16.


Why this Blog?

I have a passion for cooking, probably leaning more to the healthy style, due to my love for training and feeling good both inside and out. I can see results on my energy and training results when I eat “correct” and do my training. I love that feeling as it increases my motivation to continue and inspire family and friends around me. I have started posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram of the meals I prepare at home and get a lot of positive responses, and I have been asked why I don’t make a cookbook. So Emma and I decided that doing a blog was a great idea. After a bit of brainstorming Emma came up with the name KleanKitchen, which really covers the idea of my cooking.

My inspiration for what I cook comes from all my cookbooks I have, and I am continuously adding to the collection. I regularly buy health magazines, and of course do my fair share of research online, I then adjust them to my lifestyle and tastebuds and try to get a decent result. Sometimes it works in first try and other times I need to try a few more times. But that is the same way with my training some days it just really goes fantastic and I can do all my repetitions and increase the weights and some days I struggle.


What else do I do to stay fit?

I train 5 times a week and love training and the feeling afterwards is just so rewarding. I do personal training twice a week with my trainer Dan Hunter, mostly strength training and the other 3 times I do Bootcamps, which Dan Hunter also is organizing. Some Saturday mornings I join Henrik in his training with Dan and then I sneak up to 6 trainings a week. I’m certified Precision Nutrition Level1, a program where you learn about nutrition and sport and how to train and eat for a better lifestyle.

In August 2015 I was 4 days at YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld) in Stuttgart, Germany Training Camp with 2 amazing coaches Wolfgang Unsöld and Preston Greene (strength coach for Florida Gators basketball team). With more upcoming seminars in April and May this year, I’ll write more about these after I have attended them and got much more knowledge. YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING!

This is me, pulling a CAR with Wolfgang Unsöld inside the car and Preston Greene (blue t-shirt) “telling” me to pull that car. Talking about coming out of your comfort zone and LOVING IT!


I’ll post on my blog with different recipes and what kind of exercises/training/seminars I do from time to time and hope to inspire you. I know that what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you, but it might make you reflect and have some thoughts. At the end of the day it’s up to ourselves what we feel suits us and what feels right.


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